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I would recommend getting a partial denture/ or flipper on the website. Thanks from home dental for making the partial for my dental needs. – Michelle C.

My Night Guard fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. And the best part…the price; my dentist wanted to charge me $600 for the same night guard! – Matt S.

The process was smooth and easy to understand and the customer service was awesome! Thanks, From Home Dental! – Amelia C.

Please watch this short video describing how you can receive dental office custom teeth devices at half the price without leaving home

checkmark-tampa-floridaNo need to travel to a dental office to obtain professional teeth devices anymore

checkmark-tampa-floridaOur from home teeth impression kits enables you to receive the same custom teeth devices found at dental offices for 50% less

checkmark-tampa-floridaAll of our teeth devices are quality controlled by board certified technicians


  • FREE Complete instructions on how to take your teeth impressions

  • FREE Impression trays (small, medium and large) to best fit your teeth

  • FREE Additional impression putty if you do not take an accurate impression your first try

  • FREE 3-way postage paid shipping

  • FREE Set of plaster models of your teeth with your teeth device on them so you can see how they should fit

  • FREE Teeth device carry case

  • FREE Teeth device adjustment

Home Dental Kit - DIY Dentures - Buy Teeth


Buy Dental Devices Online - Retainers
Buy Dental Devices Online - Retainers
Order your desired teeth device.
You will receive a teeth impression kit in the mail. The impression kit is included in the price of the device.
Take your teeth impressions and use the addressed, postage paid, envelope to mail them back to us.
You will receive your custom teeth device in 10-12 business days.


Our Teeth Impression Kit enables you to receive Teeth Devices from home. From your Teeth Impressions we manufacture the same custom Teeth Devices found at Dental Offices!


Providing Custom Teeth Devices for these Cities

  • Mountain Brook
  • Homewood
  • Vestavia Hills
  • Irondale
  • Fairfield Hoover
  • Gardendale
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Bessemer
  • Hueytown
  • Trussville
  • Leeds
  • Helena
  • Pelham
  • Alabaster
  • Norwood
  • Magnolia Heights
  • Highland Residence Park
  • Five Points South
  • Avondale
  • Highland Park
  • Fountain Heights
  • Graymont
  • Cullom Place
  • Redmont Park
  • Richmond Place
  • East Birmingham
  • East Thomas
  • Forest Park
  • English Village
  • Glen Iris
  • Vanderbilt

Welcome to our Birmingham, Alabama State Location page

Beautiful teeth and flawless smile are the dreams of everyone. Your teeth not only help in your daily functioning like eating and speaking but also give us a good esthetic appearance and self-esteem. But sometimes we are fed up with teeth problems and lose our confidence. So, From Home Dental will help to gain your confidence and give you a flawless smile. We provide high-quality teeth devices that are not only easy to wear, but also have a long shelf life. We experience dentists who will guide you on every step. The most important thing to obtain your desired device is that you don’t have to find a dental clinic and spare your vital time for the dental visit. You only have to go on our From Home Dental website Birmingham and select your desired device. We will not only provide you impression material at your home but also give the complete guidance from the impression taking to the selection of final impression. You will get your custom device in your home in just a few days.

We offer our excellent quality removable devices, including wire retainers Birmingham, night guards Birmingham, partial dentures Birmingham, flippers for teeth Birmingham, invisible teeth retainers Birmingham, clear aligners Birmingham, Appetite Suppressor Birmingham, and Supplement Delivery Device Birmingham at your doorsteps. All devices are made under the supervision of our efficient staff, and all these devices are FDA approved. You will get your required device at a very low rate than other clinics. We manufacture all devices with high quality, durable material so you can easily use them for many years without damage if kept with good care.

Wire retainers and invisible retainers Birmingham

Our site offers the best retainers, including the wire retainer Birmingham. They are made of colored plastic with high-quality retention wire that keeps your teeth in the correct position and prevents any undesirable tooth movement. They are made of durable material, so no worry of breakage by an accidental fall from the hand.

Our other retainers are clear retainers Birmingham. Due to its invisible plastic material, they are a very good choice from an esthetic point of view. They are unbreakable so that they can be used for many years. You can comfortably wear them the whole day and just want to remove them during mealtime.

Night Guards and Clear Aligners Birmingham

Teeth grinding, especially night grinding, can damage your teeth’ outer enamel and causes severe tooth sensitivity and jaw pain. We have Nightguards Birmingham for the solution to this problem. They are made to wear-resistant material, so they easily wear them at night time. They are custom made so no fitting issue will bother you.

Our Clear Aligners Birmingham will help to give a brighter and flawless smile. It will correct your teeth alignment issue. Due to its colorless material, they are acceptable as a social gathering. For your teeth positioning issue, we highly recommend our clear aligners Birmingham.

Flippers and Partials Birmingham

Our site offers the specially designed custom-made Flippers Birmingham for your missing tooth replacement. They give your teeth a natural look and good functional aid. The material we use in their fabrication is high quality and durable.

We also made removable partial dentures Birmingham for your lost tooth replacement. They give a better fit and better functioning. You can wear them the whole day in your all in and out activities including eating. They are provided at very lower prices than other clinics.

Specialty devices Birmingham

We also provide some custom-made special devices like Appetite Suppressor Birmingham and Supplement Delivery Device Birmingham. Appetite suppressor is placed on your plate and helps to reduce appetite and wrong time craving. So, it will help to lose weight.

Our supplement device is for medication placement. You can place your prescribed topical medicine and have to wear it. Medicine will be absorbed through your plate surface and gives you an excellent result.

Flippers are an inexpensive alternative to our partial dentures

Our best device is our Partial Denture. They are made of a plastic material called Valplast which is virtually unbreakable. This is the only device for teeth replacement, that we offer, that you are able to eat with it in your mouth.

Our Flipper is made from very durable plastic. You will have to take this device out of your mouth, while you eat. Flippers are an inexpensive alternative to our partial dentures. Our flippers can last you up to 2-3 years!

Our Flipper is made from very durable plastic. You will have to take this device out of your mouth, while you eat. Flippers are an inexpensive alternative to our partial dentures. Our flippers can last you up to 2-3 years!

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Our office is closed on all USPS holidays.
Emails will be answered by 5 pm of the following business day.Please email us impression photos by attaching them to the Contact Form above.


Corporate Address:
1401 Doug Baker Blvd
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Birmingham, AL 35242

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