Teeth impressions questions

Are impressions easy to take?
Yes, the teeth impressions only take 5 minutes per arch and you only have to get it right once and then we store your impressions for years.
Do you supply practice materials if I have never done this before?
Yes, each impression kit comes with enough practice putty to do a full practice impression so you can get familiar with the process before you take your final impressions.
How do I send in my teeth impressions?
We provide a plastic bag that is used to return your impressions. You first place your impressions into the baggie and then place them inside of the postage-paid envelope to ship back to us.
Can I send in an impression or mold that I have from my dentist?
Yes, you can use 3D printed models or silicone (putty) teeth impressions from your dentist but you will still receive a teeth impression kit with your order.
There is no discount when you send in your impressions or mold from your dentist.
Also, we only guarantee that the teeth device will fit the mold that you sent us from your dentist but we are not able to guarantee that the device will fit your teeth.
Can I send a teeth device in place of teeth impressions?
No, the lab is not able to use a teeth device in the place of an impression or mold.
If I have to retake an impression do I wait and send both in at the same time or do I send them in one at a time?
Yes, if upper and lower impressions are required by the lab, you must send in both impressions at the same time.
Do you keep my impressions on file and for how long?
Yes, if you placed an order with us and took your impressions after 7/1/2021, we will have 3D scans on file and we keep your digital scans on file for 3 years.
Can I take an impression over the top of a permanent bonded retainer?
Yes, the lab will place wax over the top of the permanent retainer while making the removable retainer so it will not interfere with it when wearing.
Is it important to mix the impression putty until it is a solid color?
Yes, in order for the impression putty to harden properly, during the impression process, the 2 colors of putty must become a solid color.
Do I need to let the impression putty harden all the way before removing it from my mouth?
Yes, if you take the impression tray out of your mouth before the putty is totally hardened, it will get distorted and cause your completed teeth device not to fit your teeth.

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